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Print Conservation Program

In an effort to conserve resources and improve services, CFANS has implemented a Print Conservation Program in CFANS student computer labs. The college's goal is to employ sustainable printing practices and provide excellent services at a small cost to the student.

Print jobs go to Pharos print-release stations, small PCs with U-card readers in their keyboards, which are available in most CFANS labs. When a job is sent to the printer, it will appear at the print-release station, and students can release their jobs with their U Cards.

Where can I find a Pharos print-release station where I can use my CFANS allocation?

Color Printing

Color printing for students is only available in Coffey Hall 50. Students cannot use their CFANS Pharos print allocations at this time toward printing in this location. Gopher Gold funds must be used. The cost for color printing is $.50 per page.

All other CFANS lab locations have only black/white printing available.


CFANS students receive $30 in printing credits allocated to their U Cards each semester. Printed pages cost $0.10 per page for single-sided or double-sided black-and-white pages. Color printing is available only in 50 Coffey Hall and costs .50 per page. Color printing must be paid for with Gopher Gold funds, rather than with CFANS allocation funds. At the end of each semester, leftover CFANS allocation funds remain in the account until the beginning of Fall semester of the following year. At the beginning of the school year, each account will be cleared of CFANS allocation funds, and a new allocation of $30 will be added. CFANS allocation funds are good for printing only in CFANS student computer labs and the lab in 50 Coffey Hall (although not for color printing). If your allocation is used up, you may print using your U Card's Gopher GOLD account. Adding money to a Gopher GOLD account online costs $2 per transaction. Adding money at a Value Port is free. There is currently one Value Port on the Saint Paul Campus on the lower level of MacGrath Library.


Students can use their U cards to release printing jobs from a print-release station attached to the printers in the CFANS student computer lab and in the CFANS Pharos station in 50 Coffey Hall. When a job is sent to print, the student will be asked to enter a simple password that he or she creates. The job will appear in the queue at the print-release station. To release it, the student must swipe his or her U Card, find the print job in the queue, and enter the password.

The screen will lock within 5 seconds after the card is swiped; moving the mouse will keep the screen open.

Pharos station instructions (.pdf)

Reprinting print jobs

If there is an error or a printer malfunction, you may request a reprint.

Why change our practices?

In the past, a great deal of paper, ink, and toner have been wasted while costs associated with printing have continued to escalate. By charging a small amount per page, the college encourages students to print more deliberately, which has greatly reduced waste. Although CFANS continues to subsidize student printing, the amount generated by the print conservation program enables us to continue to improve this service. CFANS values sustainability and conservation, and this program is one small step toward a greener college, and a greener campus.

More information

If you have questions, contact the CFANS Helpdesk.