Helpdesk Transition FAQ

Mike Balak, IT director in CFANS, answers questions about the transition to the unified helpdesk and Computer and Device support. If you have a question, please fill in the form on the right. If you have a suggestion, we welcome those, too.

Our new focus

The CFANS staff you know are now available to assist you with specialized research and academic technology support. We aspire to become your technology partner, helping to take down technology barriers, navigate University processes, and improve workflow. We are uniquely positioned in CFANS to connect researchers and instructors with others working in similar ways. We are ready to help today. If you would like help with technology in the classroom, data storage, video production, research technology, or special projects, please contact CFANS by calling 1-HELP and requesting CFANS Tier 2 support.

During the next few months, the Director of IT in CFANS will be working with the college leadership to determine how to prioritize support to best support the mission of the College. 

Ask the IT Director--or make a suggestion (for computer help, dial 1-HELP instead)

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